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Latest News -- January 2016

I took a considerable amount of time off after Smokey died. That precious little dog was more than 20 years old when he died. I'm pretty sure we actually had him 20 years since we got him as a wee one. We got a new set of puppies to spoil rotten. We didn't want pit bulls which is what our local shelter has in abundance, so we drove up to Philadelphia to the Providence Animal Center and rescued two wild puppy mill puppies, Sugar and Frisco. Sugar is now called Sugar Pie and Frisco has become Friscodoodlehopper. Don't ask me why. Those names just seemed to be perfect for the little ones.

New Year with new plans. I've been reading and doing the exercises for a book called "The Artist's Way." Fascinating book. The exercises have really helped me unblock my inner child artist and get me on the path to creativity again. I'm posting to Facebook, of course and Instagram. I also have a blogspot where I talk about the more philosophical aspects of being an artist. That sounds really dull, but I swear that it isn't. Just me musing about things. I generally tag social media posts with #gingrichsart if you care to find me.

You can follow me on Facebook to see my daily progress in the studio. Click on the link on the right.