Gingrich's Fiber & Metal Art
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About Us

Gingrich's Fiber and Metal Art (GFMA) is a partnership owned by Katherine and Chester Gingrich. We are located in the Silver Spring/Wheaton, Maryland area. We both hold Master of Science degrees in engineering from the University of Maryland. Chester has a real job full time and works for GFMA on a part-time basis. Katherine works for GFMA full time.

Chester is currently building his machine shop equipment to allow us to expand our creative endeavors. He has already built two coal forges, one gas forge, a gas furnace, a metal lathe, and a metal shaper. He cast the parts for the metal lathe and metal shaper using his home-built foundry.

Our primary focus is on jewelry, wall hangings, wearable art, and garden art such as trellises and sculpture. Some of our jewelry is shown on this web site. Our jewelry is mixed media and uses glass, metal, plastic, wood, fiber, polymer clay, and polymer composite materials.

We invite you to come to our shows to see us. Please feel free to contact us as well.