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Privacy Policy

Any information gathered from you is used solely by Gingrich's Fiber & Metal Art. My website provider may put cookies on your computer. I don't have any way to stop them from doing that. I don't have access to the data they collect from those cookies.

All financial transactions are done through the secure PayPal site and your credit card information is never given to me at any time. I do get your name, address, phone number, and email address from PayPal. I don't use that information once your package is on its way.

None of your information is ever sold/given/bartered/rented/traded/transferred to anyone ever.

I do keep records of my financial transactions, so your name and contact information is retained. I do not use this information to sign you up for my newsletter nor do I attempt to contact you after the transaction is over and you are gloriously happy with your purchase. If you would like to receive my newsletter (and coupons), you can sign up here: Newsletter Signup  

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact me.

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