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I have three Facebooks accounts. Usually, my main business account on Facebook is the first place I post new work and studio updates: Gingrich's Fiber & Metal Art on Facebook.   My personal Facebook account is here: Katherine's Personal Facebook Page.   My sales group is used for discounted and clearance items. You'll need to ask to join as it's not an open group. Payment in this group is only through PayPal: Clearance Sales on Facebook.  


I tend to take a lot of pictures of flowers and our farm. I'm obsessed with Brookside Gardens and our farm. I carry my camera everywhere I go. If you're interested in flowers and mountain farms, this is the place to follow me on my adventures. You can follow me here: Instagram.  


I don't post a lot to Twitter. It's almost all studio updates and new work. You can follow me here: Twitter.  


My Pinterest account is an organized pictorial view of my life. If you want to see flower pictures but don't want to see pictures of other parts of my life, this is a great place for you. Click on the "Saved" option on my Pinterest page to see my pictures sorted in folders: Pinterest.  

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